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Froghorn Archive

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    Academic Year 2017/2018


    • "Everyone is welcome and included in everything.” Oliver, Y9
    • “I feel comfortable talking to teachers or adults around school about my worries.” Connie, Y10
    • “The best things about being at Frogmore is the tutor groups, as you get to be around older and younger years to get and give advice.” Georgia, Y8
    • “Every member of staff cares.”  Oliver, Y8
    • “All the teachers help push you to the best of your ability.”  Chloe, Y8
    • “I think the best thing about Frogmore Community College is that the teachers are always there to help and your voice is heard by them.” Mollie, Y8
    • “The teachers are always helpful in lesson and will always help when you don't understand.”  Madison, Y9
    • “The environment is well cared for and the school is diverse and inclusive.” Serynna, Y8
    • “I think that the one of the best things is the diverse range of subjects.”  Hiba, Y7
    • “I feel happy and positive every day when I am at school.”  Jake, Y7