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  • “A culture where everyone works tirelessly to improve pupils’ outcomes.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “You are tenacious in your pursuit of excellence, while balancing your drive with the well-being of staff and pupils.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “…very inclusive school.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “Pupils value the approachability of teachers and the extensive extra help they receive.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “Morale is high and everyone at the school shares your determination to provide the best for every pupil.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “A curriculum that challenges the most able pupils and supports those in need of additional help.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

  • “Leaders and teachers set ambitious targets for pupils and regularly monitor their progress.”
    Ofsted – January 2017

Our Mission

The Frogmore family learns together, going above and beyond to create the conditions in which everyone can flourish. 

We care about, inspire and challenge each other so that we can all achieve excellence.


Frogmore Community College is a very special place and this website will only give a flavour of this.

If you are a prospective family or wish to work here, I actively encourage you to visit us. Our students are our best ambassadors and they would love to show you around and give you a much better sense of why we are so proud of our school.

At Frogmore Community College we believe that every child can flourish given the right environment, support and challenge. As a relatively small school, we are able to take a personal interest in the achievement and well-being of every individual.

Ofsted captured this ethos when they visited in January 2017, stating: “You have successfully established a culture in which everyone works tirelessly to improve pupils’ outcomes. You are tenacious in your pursuit of excellence, while balancing your drive with the well-being of staff and pupils.”


Chris Vaudin


Every student is assigned to one of our three houses. This, coupled with vertical tutor groups, builds a powerful sense of family and belonging. Relationships between students across all years are quickly formed and senior students act as role models and leaders.

  • Ormond

  • Macmillan

  • Tuckwell


  • Art
  • Computing
  • DT
  • English
  • Humanities
  • Maths
  • Modern
  • PE
  • Performing
  • Science
  • Opening


  • "You are treated like an adult and are allowed to make your own choices to help improve your learning." Charlie, Y8
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is the fact that all the teachers know who everyone is and each individual is treated as themselves and are encouraged to be their own person." Katie, Y8
  • "I like that the school is small as it means all the teachers know each student and it makes the school a lot closer." Lara, Y10
  • "The Technology in the school is amazing in my opinion, both the computers and the design technology. There's also a feeling that you can go to any one of your teachers, and tell them how you feel. Which is amazing for everyone here." Reece, Y9
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is all the teachers try their best to make lessons fun and interesting." Christine, Y8
  • "I feel a lot of the time the work I am given in class is not too hard and not too easy. When I finish all my work there is nearly always something else to stretch me." Olivia, Y8
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is the vertical tutor groups because you can help get advice from other years." James, Y8
  • "We’re like a big family and everyone helps each other. " Scarlett, Y7
  • "I make a lot of progress in school because of the teachers. " Georgia, Y9
  • "I can't praise the school and individual teaching staff more highly. Charlie is supported so well both from his perspective and ours as parents. " Parents of Charlie

Welcome to the Frogmore Community College website

Use the links below for key information during the lockdown, or continue to the main site for full information about the school.  All lessons will take place using Teams.  Please use the link below to access Teams and logon using your school account.

If you are having difficulty logging on, please refer to this guide.


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Student Wellbeing & Safeguarding

Careers Information

invitation to tender

Frogmore Community College is currently tendering for a new provider to manage all aspects of IT provision and support at the school. Click here for more information.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the school is currently closed to all students except those whose parents have registered with us as critical key workers, or students who are particularly vulnerable.  

We are aware that, at this time, some students and families may face particular challenges.  We are keen to continue to provide support and assistance wherever possible.  The school switchboard will be open every day between 9am and 3pm (01252 408444) and we will continue to respond to emails.  We will do all we can either to provide support directly or to put you in touch with people who can help.

As a school, we are looking to support the Hart food bank in their distribution of this food to families most in need.  To this end we will have a collection point at the front of school; if you feel able to contribute, please do come and drop items off.  I am sure there will be other ways in which we can all support one another in this difficult time. The Frogmore family excels at this and we look forward to welcoming everyone back as soon as it is safe to do so.

With all best wishes,

Chris Vaudin - Headteacher

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