Physical Education

Faculty Leader: Mrs C Price 

Assistant Faculty Leader: Mr S Mellors 

The philosophy of the physical education department is aptly summed up in the familiar slogan ‘Sport for All’.

Physical education is an important subject in the development of young people. It enables them to develop a wide range of skills including: communication, teamwork, leadership, analysis, understanding of tactics and strategies, personal endeavour, decision making and knowledge of a wide range of sports. We seek to promote all aspects of P.E. and encourage our students to develop physically, personally, socially and morally. In lessons, students are given an understanding of how the body works and the importance of leading a healthy active lifestyle with the aim that they develop a habit of sport for life. We believe that sport is inclusive, there is a sport for everyone, and we aim to encourage young people to find that interest and passion and continue this beyond school.

Subject Overview

Physical education and school sport play a major part in life at Frogmore Community College and we pride ourselves on supporting every student and their personal development.

As such, we have a specialist team of staff who dedicate themselves to improving the performance and knowledge of our students, from our elite standard athletes who are performing at representative level to those who simply enjoy physical activity and the unquestionable benefits it provides. The information below provides a detailed insight in to our curriculum structure, assessment framework and extra-curricular sports programme.

Students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 receive 50 minute periods of high quality PE each week, with all lessons having a focus on:

  • Skill development – nurturing the fundamental and advanced skills to competently perform in a broad spectrum of sporting activities.
  • Theoretical understanding of PE & sport – To improve effective performance outcomes and increase students' understanding of the positive benefits of exercise.

Each of the above elements are weaved into an extensive key stage 3 curriculum that we are extremely proud of here at Frogmore Community College. Throughout the key stage, students will be given the opportunity to experience a breadth of traditional sports including: rugby, football, netball, badminton, basketball, trampolining, handball, cricket, rounders, tennis and athletics.

The range, breadth and diversity of our curriculum is designed to ensure that we immerse students into a comprehensive diet of physical activities and sport, in the hope that we engage and excite our students within the subject. As a result, a significant number of our key stage 3 students continue their studies in to key stage 4 as part of the GCSE physical education programmes.

Curriculum Structure

Students are taught over three blocks throughout the academic year, with each block of activities covering three different sports.

Subject Enrichment

At Frogmore Community College we pride ourselves on the extensive sporting opportunities which are made available to our students. 

Our extra-curricular sports programme is designed to give students the very best chance to further develop their sporting abilities, as well as providing an avenue for competitive local, regional and national sporting fixtures. Our fixture calendar is vast as we enter teams throughout a range of sports. Traditionally, Frogmore has always had a strong reputation in basketball, but we also field representative teams in football, netball, badminton, cricket, athletics and cross-country.


For more detailed information about the curriculum for every year and how parents can support, please see the following curriculum maps:


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Further information about GCSE PE


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  • “I feel comfortable talking to teachers or adults around school about my worries.” Connie, Y10
  • “The best things about being at Frogmore is the tutor groups, as you get to be around older and younger years to get and give advice.” Georgia, Y8
  • “Every member of staff cares.”  Oliver, Y8
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