Open Events

Our Open Evening, Taster Day and Open Mornings give prospective students and their parents an opportunity to experience the very special atmosphere at Frogmore Community College.


Open Evening - Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 5.30 - 8.30pm

An opportunity to come along and find out more about the school. 

Student guides will show you around and you will have the chance to hear from the headteacher and speak to staff in every curriculum area. 

To help run the event in a Covid-secure way, we are asking visitors to sign up in advance for one of the three presentations by the headteacher, which will take place at 5.45pm, 6.30pm, and 7.15pm.  Please arrive at the school 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the presentation.  Following the presentation, senior students will take visitors on a guided tour of the school.

Book tickets for one of the Open Evening Presentations

For those who don't wish to attend the headteacher's presentation, separate tours will be available on the evening.  There is no need to sign up in advance for these.

Taster Day - Tuesday, 14th September 2021

Year 6 students are invited to experience a day at Frogmore. 

Contact reception to book your child onto

Taster Day


01252 408444

We will write to schools and parents directly about this event.  Children at several local schools, including our three feeders (Frogmore Junior School, Hawley Primary School, Potley Hill Primary School) will automatically receive invitations.  However, if your child does not attend one of these schools, but you wish for them to attend our taster day, please do contact reception and provide us with your details so that we can send you an invitation.

Open Mornings: 9.15 - 10.30am

Fri 17th, Mon 20th, Tue 21st & Wed 22nd September 2021

Open Mornings for prospective parents are held shortly following the Open Evening. 

Open Mornings include a tour of the school with a senior member of school staff whilst normal lessons are underway. In order to run the Open Mornings in a Covid-secure way, we need to limit numbers for each event.  For this reason, we need to limit attendance to one parent or carer with each child.  Please use the link below to book a place at one of the Open Mornings.  

Book a place at one of our Open Mornings

If you are looking for your child to join the school at a different point in the year and would like a tour, please contact reception who will be happy to arrange this for you.

COntact us!

Contact reception for more information about any of our Open Events


01252 408444




  • "You are treated like an adult and are allowed to make your own choices to help improve your learning." Charlie, Y8
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is the fact that all the teachers know who everyone is and each individual is treated as themselves and are encouraged to be their own person." Katie, Y8
  • "I like that the school is small as it means all the teachers know each student and it makes the school a lot closer." Lara, Y10
  • "The Technology in the school is amazing in my opinion, both the computers and the design technology. There's also a feeling that you can go to any one of your teachers, and tell them how you feel. Which is amazing for everyone here." Reece, Y9
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is all the teachers try their best to make lessons fun and interesting." Christine, Y8
  • "I feel a lot of the time the work I am given in class is not too hard and not too easy. When I finish all my work there is nearly always something else to stretch me." Olivia, Y8
  • "The best thing about Frogmore is the vertical tutor groups because you can help get advice from other years." James, Y8
  • "We’re like a big family and everyone helps each other. " Scarlett, Y7
  • "I make a lot of progress in school because of the teachers. " Georgia, Y9
  • "I can't praise the school and individual teaching staff more highly. Charlie is supported so well both from his perspective and ours as parents. " Parents of Charlie