Open Events

Our Open Evening, Taster Day and Open Mornings give prospective students and their parents an opportunity to experience the very special atmosphere at Frogmore Community College.


Taster Day - Tuesday, 19th September 2023

Year 6 students are invited to experience a day at Frogmore.  We will write to schools and parents directly about this event, children at our feeder schools will automatically receive invites (Hawley Primary, Frogmore Juniors and Potley Hill Primary)and will not need to book a place via link below.  However, if your child attends Cranford Park Primary, Newland Primary or a different school and you wish for them to attend our taster day, please book a place for your child via this form.

Open Evening - Tuesday, 19th September 2023, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

An opportunity to come along and find out more about the school.  Student guides will show you around and you will have the chance to hear from the headteacher and speak to staff in every curriculum area. Please visit this link to book a place at one of the Open Evening Presentations.

Open Mornings:  Due to high demand we are hosting an extra Open Morning on Thursday, 12th October at 9.15am. If you would like to attend please contact the school directly on 01252 408444

Open Mornings for prospective parents are held shortly following the Open Evening.  Open Mornings include a tour of the school with a senior member of school staff whilst normal lessons are underway.

Prospective In-Year Admissions Tours

If you are looking for your child to join the school at a different point in the year and would like a tour, please contact reception who will be happy to arrange this for you.  Please be aware that all in-year applications are subject to admissions regulations and are subject to spaces being available.



Contact us!

Contact reception for more information about any of our Open Events


01252 408444




  • "Everyone is welcome and included in everything.” Oliver, Y9
  • “I feel comfortable talking to teachers or adults around school about my worries.” Connie, Y10
  • “The best things about being at Frogmore is the tutor groups, as you get to be around older and younger years to get and give advice.” Georgia, Y8
  • “Every member of staff cares.”  Oliver, Y8
  • “All the teachers help push you to the best of your ability.”  Chloe, Y8
  • “I think the best thing about Frogmore Community College is that the teachers are always there to help and your voice is heard by them.” Mollie, Y8
  • “The teachers are always helpful in lesson and will always help when you don't understand.”  Madison, Y9
  • “The environment is well cared for and the school is diverse and inclusive.” Serynna, Y8
  • “I think that the one of the best things is the diverse range of subjects.”  Hiba, Y7
  • “I feel happy and positive every day when I am at school.”  Jake, Y7