We believe that school uniform is important in helping all students feel part of our Frogmore family.  Our students wear their uniform with pride and consequently always look smart and ready to learn.  We have high standards in terms of uniform and very much appreciate the support of parents in helping us to maintain these standards.

Uniform Requirements

Following consultation with parents, the school does not now have a designated uniform supplier.  Provided uniform items meet our requirements, most can be purchased anywhere. 

Badges, ties, summer polo shirts and the PE clothing must, however, be purchased from the school.

All clothing should be clearly named. 


Plain dark coloured topcoats without motifs or writing on them. 

No denim, leather, suede jackets, tracksuit or hooded tops are permitted.  A navy blue reversible Frogmore coat is available to purchase/order from the PTA. No outside wear; coats, scarves, gloves, hats etc may be worn in the building and peaked caps may not be worn to school.


One pair of small plain gold or silver studs and one watch. 

Only one stud should be worn in the lobe of each ear. All other jewellery, including nose-studs and clear retainers, is inappropriate for school-wear and must not be worn.


Shoes should be plain black and suitable for school-wear.

This excludes platform, high heeled shoes, canvas type shoes, backless shoes or boots. Trainers should not be worn.


Plain navy blue with school badge.  Badges can be purchased from the school reception.


These should be plain mid/dark grey, not black, smart and tailored in a material appropriate for school-wear.

Stretch jersey, lightweight cotton or fashion trousers are not acceptable.  Girls are permitted to wear trousers but the above requirements apply. 


These should be plain mid/dark grey, not black, and knee-length.


Plain white with a plain collar.  The top button must be fastened.


School tie in ‘House’ colour; correctly tied (7 stripes visible below the knot),.  These can be purchased from the school reception.


Optional school jumpers with the school badge and house name will be the only jumper permitted. To be worn underneath the blazer but not instead of it, if required.

Polo Shirt

These are worn as summer uniform through the summer term only and must have the school logo and house name embroidered on the front. Order forms for these are available from the school reception.

Students can choose to wear their summer polo shirt only, however if they choose to wear anything in addition to this, it must be their blazer. Jumpers are still permitted, however the top layer must still be the blazer. This applies at all times, including to and from school.


Plain black or white socks or flesh or black coloured tights


It is impossible to have rules for every situation that might arise with regard to hair. 

However, we do not allow “extremes” with hairstyles.  The Headteacher (with the involvement of the Governing Body if necessary) will be the arbiter of what constitutes an extreme.  No extreme crops, shaved patterns or extreme colours are permitted. Again, as with uniform, the support of parents is very much appreciated.

Make Up

Neutral, discreet make up is permitted.

Heavy make-up nor nail polish (including acrylic or gel nails) are permitted and will need to be removed.


Bags should be large enough to hold all school equipment, including an A4 file.

They should be waterproof, able to be closed, and preferably a plain, dark colour.  Heavy fashion branding is not permitted.


Compulsory PE items

Students are only allowed to wear items that display the Frogmore emblem.

All students are expected to purchase the following which are only available from the school:

  • Polo shirt - navy blue with sky coloured panel with Frogmore emblem
  • Rugby shirt (boys only) - navy blue with sky coloured panel with Frogmore emblem
  • Sports hooded training top (girls only) - navy blue with sky coloured panel with Frogmore emblem
  • Sports shorts - navy blue with Frogmore emblem
  • Sports skort (girls option instead of shorts) - navy blue with Frogmore emblem
  • Sports socks - navy blue with Frogmore emblem 

Other essential items:

  • Trainers - non-marking and suitable for activities
  • Football boots - regular players (boys) in the year 7 football and rugby teams must have boots.  It is essential by year 8 that they all have boots for their PE lessons. NB:  FOR ASTRO PITCH USAGE – NO METAL STUDS ALLOWED, ONLY MOULDED.
  • Gum shields/shin pads - required for many curriculum and after school activities.

 Optional items:

  • Running leggings (girls only) - navy blue with Frogmore emblem
  • Sports hooded training top - navy blue with sky coloured panel with Frogmore emblem (for boys)
  • Rain jacket - navy blue with sky coloured panel with Frogmore emblem
  • Tracksuit pants - navy blue with Frogmore emblem
  • Zip training top - navy blue with Frogmore emblem
  • Training pants - navy blue with Frogmore emblem

Buying Uniform

The PTA Shop sells uniform, PE kit and stationery items. The uniform shop is open every Tuesday from 8.30am to 9.15am. 

Alternatively, below are links to the order forms which can be completed and left with payment at reception. You will then be contacted when the items are ready for collection. 

Please be aware refunds will only be given on purchased items within four weeks of collection. All tags must be intact.

         Uniform/PE Order Form (Paper Version) 

Online Uniform/PE Order Form

         Summer Sky Blue House Polo - Please order via ParentMail PMX

The school also offers the opportunity to purchase used uniform. Details are available from the school reception.







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